The power of prayer to bring light and hope in desperate situations.

Restart work in partnership with various agencies to support women they are in contact with. Recently they have been a part of the team around a client who needs a face to face visit at least once a day...

The Restart team have visited the woman concerned a number of times each week on rotation with professional colleagues. The woman's situation is heartbreaking and although our team have a good relationship with her she has recently become very uncooperative, often refusing to open the gate to the flats or her front door.

After some difficult visits and professionals having an even harder time, our team used the MCM Staff WhatsApp group to ask for 'immediate' prayer as they set off on a visit recently. As the two team members arrived at the flats, the gate was open and the woman was opening the curtains, a miracle in itself! She engaged well with our team members.

The next time the Restart team visited, again they used the WhatsApp group to have colleagues pray as they went on the visit. They had no difficulty getting to the front door of the flat and when they rang the bell the woman's partner answered the door and was very polite and engaging with them, once again a miracle in itself! Although the woman would not get out of bed, the visit was once again a positive success.

The plan was that Restart would visit again that afternoon. On her way, the Restart team member felt it was again important to have the MCM staff supporting her in prayer. Before our team member arrived the woman was sending her text messages, not full of hurt as usual but asking if she was still planning to visit that afternoon. The meeting went better than ever with the woman even sitting outside chatting with your worker in the sun. The atmosphere was excellent and she even agreed to work positively with other agencies.

Our team member said, "...she was like another person, the atmosphere was so full of hope and light!"

I wonder how often we forget to pray?

If you would like to pray for the work of Restart or any of the Manchester City Mission projects please contact Janet or Dave in the office.

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Clock icon 26 Apr, 2022

Written by:

Dave Butt

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