Nick gives us feedback on his latest shift as a member of the airport Chaplaincy Team.

Last week was Nick's third week at the airport and he's learning more about the role each week.

Nick picks up the story...

I have just completed my third shift as Airport Chaplain today (Thursday 24th March). I am slowly getting to know my way around and beginning to interact more with passengers, airport staff and the people working in shops and restaurants, although I feel I still have a lot to learn. On this occasion George (the co-ordinating chaplain) introduced me to the staff at the fire station.

I also liaised with Manchester local authority workers who were manning a welcome desk set up for Ukranian refugees. The Airport Chaplaincy is seeking to work together with the council, meeting those fleeing the conflict as they come off the aircraft in order to get them housed and supported.

There is also the on-going issue of homeless people coming to sleep at the airport. The numbers are growing week by week as it is seen to be a safer place for them. I believe the latest count is 23.

The motto of the Airport Chaplaincy is to Help, to support and to guide. Please pray that in all of this we get opportunities to share the gospel message as well as to help people in material ways.

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Clock icon 06 Apr, 2022

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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