God answers the prayer of one MCM missionary through another on the same day...

Paul and Ryan's ministries through Operation Joy are often very distinct. Paul works solely on the streets were as Ryan runs Drop-Ins and supports Nourish Food Clubs as well as doing some street work with volunteers.

Paul tells us about a recent occasion when God brought both ministries together.

I first met L when I was working alongside my colleague Ryan doing outreach in the city centre a couple of years ago. L's life had become chaotic since she was a nurse and although she has accommodation sometimes she'll sleep rough. When I saw her recently L was upset as she had had her phone taken, therefore she could not contact her children. I prayed with her and asked that God would meet her need that day.

Shortly after I saw Ryan and a volunteer sitting with a man in a street not far away, I didn't interrupt as they were deep in conversation. I knew at that point that Ryan could probably provide the answer to L's need that day if he came across her.

When I spoke with Ryan at HQ a week later he said he had seen L and that he had been able to pass on the means of getting a replacement phone.

I had prayed that this would be the outcome.

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Clock icon 03 May, 2023

Written by:

Paul Winter

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