Unexpected opportunities from pandemic lock-down

Due to covid, the Dawn Project have been unable to go into care homes, so they have sent messages via email to the residents and cards with photos of the team.

Then in October Jenny filmed a video and emailed it to the regular homes plus a few extra homes. A second video was filmed for Christmas, a third for New Year, and most recently an Easter video.

The videos have also been made available to church members and messages have been received to say how the videos have touched people. Some videos have gone to relatives who are in care homes around the country. It has been amazing how one thing leads to another and the idea that the videos can be accessed by a wider audience is so encouraging as the need is great.

Most people in care homes suffer from loss of short-term memory, so when they hear the old hymns they come to life and join in. We are also aware that the staff benefit from seeing the residents enjoy singing and in some cases, they join in too.

Clock icon 12 Apr, 2021

Written by:

Jenny Lemmon

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