Not every story has a happy ending...

When you work with the street population there is no garuntee that you will see them make a commitment to Christ and find accomodation.

Paul picks up the story...

I first met N as she begged on the streets of Bolton; then during the time that my sister-in-law was in hospital last year it happened that N was a patient on another ward. She would often be outside and in chatting to her I discovered that her birthday was on the same day as our wedding anniversary; she really appreciated getting a card from myself and Angie. Once discharged I continued to see N in the town centre occasionally, she appreciated the offer of prayer. Then in March her death was reported in the Bolton News, and they were at that stage still looking for family.

An abrupt and sad end to the story, which shows the urgency of the work.

I am still trying to find out details of the funeral.

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Image by kalhh from Pixabay
Clock icon 28 Apr, 2023

Written by:

Paul Winter

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