Update for the Radcliffe Food Club.

It is Becoming the Place to Go!

It was great to see all the progress that has been made to the Bridge Community Church Food Club that our Nourish project helped to set up.

It has really expanded on Wednesdays to include a community hub, supported by volunteers and the local community.

Bridge Community Church is rapidly becoming the place to go to in Radcliffe town centre!

There is now a Health and Wellbeing helpdesk, a clothing section for primarily pre-loved clothes for all ages run by Denise and Sarah.

Calico housing now has a support desk as well as an Education Support, focusing primarily on digital help.

There is also a general helpdesk with further enhancements being planned. Watch this space.

This has all come about because of a particularly dedicated team of volunteers, headed up by Paul the project leader and Tom the pastor.

It was so encouraging to see the growth, both in creativity and numbers. Several of the volunteers have come from the Food Club membership, and it was encouraging to see a new volunteer starting to look at the Bible, (perhaps for the first time) in Mark’s Gospel. I know a number are being drawn nearer to Jesus because of this exciting venture. Well done everyone.

Clock icon 13 Feb, 2024

Written by:

Barry Matley

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