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As many of you will know, Ryan who serves in our Operation Joy project has been running an Alpha course for people in the city of Salford.

A few months ago we saw a rise in the clients that were using the Nourish food club.

They were also showing an interest in what it means to have faith and a relationship with God. We saw a number of people giving their hearts to the Lord. Ryan made it his goal to do some sort of follow-on.

After a few discussions with the management team, we decided to run an Alpha course.

On average we have between 6 and 9 people that turn up every week. Last week we had an additional two. They had turned up to use the food club but were extremely early. Ryan said “Why don’t you join us in the Alpha group?" This week was about the Holy Spirit. After the session had finished Ryan asked if anyone was ready to make a commitment to the Lord or even a recommitment. The room went quiet, then all of a sudden the two ladies that had turned up for the first time said “Can we make a recommitment and be filled with the Holy Spirit?"

Ryan wasted no time and took them to various scriptures, first Ryan showed them that they are not a mistake, that God has fearfully and wonderfully made them (Psalm 139) then he took them to (John 3:16) to explain that God loves them so much. Ryan also explained Repentance and took them to (Acts 2:38) this is where Peter says “Repent and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Ryan then lead them in a prayer of salvation, then prayed for the ladies to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As Ryan stopped praying they said they felt light and happy. Ryan explained that they had met with God.

The two ladies are now coming back next week, as they loved the experience.

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Clock icon 12 Oct, 2022

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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