First steps for a volunteer evangelist working alongside Ryan at Nourish.

Ryan is finding that being connected to other organisations has massive benefits.

Ryan, our Resident Evangelist with the Nourish Food Poverty project, is always on the lookout for volunteers. The Food Club is getting busier and the more help he has the better.

Recently he was approached by an organisation called Be-strong that we refer people to for their rehabilitation services. This time, however, they were contacting us to see if a gentleman who had been through the rehabilitation program and has a heart to share the Gospel could volunteer alongside Ryan. Be-strong spoke very highly of the man concerned.

Ryan arranged to meet with him to organise a trial at our Headquarters building. I turned up early and spent the day with Ryan serving the publi. They prayed for people, and read the Bible with new believers.

Ryan said, “You can see there is massive potential in I, he is very enthusiastic, and seems to have a servant heart. Ryan arranged for him to join him again at The Nourish Food Club and is hopeful this could become a more permanent arrangement.

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Clock icon 13 May, 2022

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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