Volunteer Day

A really big thank you to Mazars who have not only supported the Food Club financially, but gave us a wonderful volunteer team in August.

The team was headed up by Nick and they were a great group to get alongside and a credit to their company. They managed to cover a lot of jobs for us, as well have a good time. These included deep cleaning the toilets, the boathouse

fridge/freezer area and the bottom of the mezzanine staircase that leads to the Food Club.

They also marked up trays of received food/goods, including checking each date on the items to sort into various crates.

The old volunteer sleeping room has also been transformed to take in some of the goods as well as the mezzanine itself. Finally, they managed to use their creative skills to help rearrange the Food Club shop floor to make it easier for members.

Clock icon 08 Sep, 2021

Written by:

Barry Matley

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