Waking up on Sunday morning and wanting to go to church

Ryan, from Operation Joy, has been running a drop-in in Oldham for a whiel now, change takes time but one client woke on a Sunday morning wanting to go to church, he's choosen to be a follower of Jesus now!

Operation Joy has been running a drop-in in Oldham for a number of weeks now, it has been an exciting time for Ryan and his volunteers. Sometimes though it seems to pass some of the clients by. One gentleman seemed particularly disinterested in what Ryan has been saying about God.

Then it became clear he had been processing every word. He started encouraging his friends to stop drinking and engage in the help that was on offer at the drop-in. Even though he himself was struggling to come off the Methadone having previously used heroin, he was empowering his friends to make that change. Two of his friends have been supported into rehabilitation, and are now doing really well.

Ryan continued to meet with the gentleman and to discuss what it means to have a relationship with God. Ryan says, “Over a period of four weeks, this gentleman had started to change, he was asking questions about God, he said he had started to pray, he felt motivated to do his forklift truck licence, then he said he was reducing his methadone”. It was clear God was moving in this man’s life, then Sunday he woke up wanting to go to church. He went to a church in Oldham and made a commitment to follow Jesus.

Ryan is continuing to have regular meetings with this gentleman encouraging him on his new journey and has accessed support, through Acts435, to enable him to join a gym.

Image by Matija Grguric Some rights reserved
Clock icon 21 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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