What do you do when the school doors are shut, and you are a school’s worker?

Back in April 2020, I emailed the 34 schools we regularly visit to see if they would be interested in online assemblies, having done some Easter video talks for churches to use over the Easter weekend. The response was amazing… the majority of schools replied saying that they hadn’t even thought of their children’s spiritual needs and yes please, they would love some online assemblies. The video production line began, and I started to send out assemblies, the first one being called Whose Hands, reminding the children that God would keep them safe in his powerful hands. (Isaiah 41:10) The feedback from the schools was great, both from Head Teachers and children, and from one class in a Tameside school I received the letters you can see, telling me which assembly was their favourite and why!

Since September, with Debs joining the GB team, we have continued to produce weekly online assemblies on the theme of Topsy Turvy Living in a Topsy Turvy World which has continued to be well received with one Head Teacher writing…

“I just wanted to send you a huge, massive thanks from all of us at our school. We have been absolutely loving your videos and they have really blessed not only our pupils but the staff as well. They are, by far, our favourite assemblies and I have been meaning to send you an email for weeks just to encourage you in the fantastic job you are doing.

God bless you for this amazing work.”

And another…

“Thank you so much for your weekly content - they have been an actual lifesaver at a really difficult time where we just haven't had the space to think about worship and have ensured that the children are having really high-quality worship each week. It's been such a big relief to us - thank you.”

We thank God that children and staff are not just enjoying but are being challenged by these assemblies. Even today, when I got out of my car, the neighbour’s children ran up to the car to tell me about the most unbelievable thing they had ever seen which was one of the questions on today’s video assembly, I Don’t Believe It!! AND… we now have more schools than we started with!! God is good!

Clock icon 10 Mar, 2021

Written by:

Mary Butt

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