What is your favourite Bible verse?

An Eventful Day!

I never know what the day might bring, but looking back sometimes I see just how eventful things can be. On Saturday I met E for the first time in almost two years. She was in tears as she explained that she had problems with unwanted people staying at her flat. I wondered if she would appreciate being prayed for and E agreed. Passing the same spot a bit later I came across D. She explained that she had given her WWJD bracelet away and was wanting another one. She had been congregating with C and A, so she told them that they needed to have a bracelet as well. C asked what my favourite bible verse is; Isaiah 49 v 15 was the reply. Elsewhere B asked me if we could ring her dad; a brief conversation to reassure him that she was OK. B took note of the number for her new phone. Such events as these are key in the principles of Operation Joy.

Clock icon 09 Feb, 2024

Written by:

Paul Winter

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