What question would you ask?

Terry Durose, Director of Manchester City Mission and Chair of the City Mission Movement : UK, is asking the same five questions of prominent leaders in urban Christian mission organisations.

After a number of months of planning and preparation, today saw Terry launch The 5 Questions Podcast with Terry Durose.

Terry interviews leaders of prominent urban mission organisations, asking them all the same five questions;

  1. What are you focused on right now?
  2. Why is that important to you?
  3. What are the greatest challenges you are facing with your goal?
  4. How do you plan to overcome these challenges?
  5. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given on the subject of mission?

You will have to listen in to find out what Terry's guests have to say in response to his questions.

In episode 1 Terry spoke with Sam Ward, Director of Ministry at The Message Trust back in November during the City Mission Movement: UK's biennial conference. Future guests include Jenny Herrera, Chief Executive of Acts 435 and Dave Silber, Chief Operating Officer of The Eternal Wall of Prayer.

New episodes will be added on the third Wednesday of each month and are currently available by searching for The 5 Question Podcast with Terry Durose on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and, at Anchor FM.

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Clock icon 19 Jan, 2022

Written by:

Terry Durose

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