Working together

Ryan from Operation Joy has been working with two gentlemen that have both made decisions to follow Jesus. Operation Joy has helped with various different aspects of their journey.

Ryan explains;

A couple of weeks ago Operation Joy helped a gentleman who was working with Positive Steps in Oldham, we helped him get a new washing machine, with Acts435 funding. After speak with a staff member at Positive Steps we found that they could help us with electronic devices for underprivileged people that are trying to do courses, and trying to get a job, etc. This week we have managed to help the two gentlemen who are now following Jesus with these devices. They had been unable to start courses, but now with the devices, they could engage with budgeting courses and various other life skills to help them on their new journey.

One of the men said “Having a device will change my life, I will be able to start a course I have been waiting to start”

The other said “I will be able to FaceTime my children and tell them good night”

At Manchester City Mission we are all about working together, as different agencies have their own strengths, and working alongside people helps us reach the whole person, not just on a spiritual level, but on a practical level too.

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Clock icon 03 Nov, 2021

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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