Assembly interupted by a boy exclaiming "Wow!"

Debs, a member of the Groundbreakers team, was delivering an assembly in a local school on the theme of "God is powerful and wants to connect with us". She showed a picture of an old man with a bushy beard sitting on a cloud and said that was how some people imagined God to be - powerful, but distant and remote. She then showed Michelangelo's famous painting depicting God creating Adam and connecting fingers with him. As she went on to explain that God is not remote, but a living, powerful God who knows us all by name and who wants to connect with us as individuals, a young boy suddenly exclaimed "WOW!!" Debs asked him why he'd said "Wow!" and he replied that he'd never heard that before and it was awesome that God wanted to connect with HIM.

This boy was one of many children and teachers that morning who heard that God knows them as individuals and wants to connect with them. The young boy who shouted "WOW!" showed his reaction outwardly, but Debs was left wondering how many others were also thinking "WOW!".

Clock icon 07 Oct, 2021

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