Dawn project

Dawn project

The Dawn Project is dedicated to giving care home residents a time of social singing and music. We work with elderly adults including those with dementia, learning difficulties and mental health concerns, to improve their wellbeing.

Participating in singing enables people with dementia to bypass their symptoms, express themselves and interact with others in a meaningful way. Even if people with dementia can’t talk, they may be able to sing, whistle, clap or tap their feet. It helps them, and their carers, to enjoy a better quality of life.

Project history

When Jenny’s mum was admitted to a residential home it soon became apparent that Jenny was struggling to connect with her.


Jenny recalled that she and her mum had enjoyed singing hymns together as her mum played the piano. Jenny started to sing hymns to her mum and she could see that she was connecting through her favourite words. Jenny then began singing in the lounge so other residents could benefit and found it a joy to see life come into the resident's faces as she sang.


Realising that she was bringing some hope to the residents she contacted other residential homes she knew and took her hymns into these homes. Staff can see the impact that her visits have on the residents. Around this time Jenny met Terry at Manchester City Mission and the Dawn Project came under MCMs wing.


March 2020 and the Covid-19 brought a serious difficulty, the Dawn Project were unable to enter residential homes due to the lockdown. Messages and photos were sent to the homes and then jenny produced her first video. Four videos on and they are shared with a far wider audience than could have been reached by just visiting the homes. Jenny is looking forward to the face to face contact resuming but has made the most of this unprecedented time.

Dawn Project video intro


Pray for the work of the Dawn Project

If you would like to pray for the work of the Dawn Project please click on the PRAY link below.



If you would like to volunteer alongside Jenny in the work of Dawn Project please use the link below to contact Jenny regarding the opportunities to be involved.

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