Groundbreakers teaches the good news of Jesus through assemblies, workshops and RE lessons. Mary and Debs explore Christian values in a creative and engaging way that meets the National Curriculum standard for Religious Education.

We believe that Christian values can teach children important skills and life lessons that will carry them into adulthood.

Groundbreakers online

During the Covid pandemic, face to face teaching has become difficult and unpredictable. That hasn’t stopped Mary reaching out to our younger followers though…



Volunteers make a real difference to the work of Groundbreakers. Use the link below to contact Mary regarding the opportunities to be involved.



These fast-moving 90-minute interactive workshops take children through Luke’s Gospel, based around the Diary of a Disciple book by Gemma Willis.

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Diary of a Disciple

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Groundbreakers studetns
We love to hear how schools have built on what we have done in Groundbreakers assemblies

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