Jenny Lemmon

From a young age Jenny has always had good relationships with the older generation. But it wasn’t until she had to help a neighbour with dementia find a Christian home provider that Jenny got to see up-close the needs of the elderly.

She realised it wasn't just a physical need, but a spiritual one too. So Jenny took every opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

Later, when her own mother went into a residential home, she discovered that by singing old hymns for her mum she could get a connection. Every Sunday afternoon the home’s lounge would be full of residents and families singing together and hearing God's word. This went on for years. Even after her mum had, sadly, passed away.

When Jenny joined MCM she was encouraged to visit other homes in the area with friends from her church. Since the recent pandemic, Jenny has boldly taken her singing skills online and has started a YouTube channel for the project.

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