Ryan Ackrill

Ryan works as an Outreach Worker for Operation Joy.

He has a heart for the vulnerable and to see them overcome the challenges they face. Working alongside Paul, his aim is to help people to get back to being active members of society and living a spiritually sound life.

Ryan is a self-starter. Working as a Chef in his early 20s and moving quickly to Head Chef, he then became a Manager for two pubs, after which he opened his own franchise pub.

At 25 years old, Ryan decided to change careers and became a Site Supervisor for asbestos removal, followed by Asbestos Manager, and gained qualifications for various aspects of construction.

It was during this time that Ryan became a Christian, and found himself sharing the Gospel and his experiences in everyday conversations. From there, Ryan began to volunteer at outreach projects working with the homeless. He has experience as a street Evangelist and has been on various mission trips.


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