Barry Matley

Barry and his wife were heavily involved in Church youth work in Bradford, before entering Bible College.

They took on their first Church in Stockton-On-Tees in 1988 for seven years before ministering in Mountain Ash, South Wales.

Alongside his job in financial services, Barry has facilitated and led 15 Cell groups, as well as setting up Alpha courses and seeing a number of people come to the Lord.

In 2015, he took up the role of manager of the Narrowgate daytime facility initially, before taking on the role for 24/7 cover, when the night-time manager left the role in 2016. Consequently, he is now the Project Leader for Family FoodFayre.

When Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, responded in a Church Leaders Zoom meeting that he would like the churches to bring a coordinated response to child hunger, Barry believed MCM could really help and make a difference to food insecurity among children and families in Greater Manchester.

Working with local churches and the community, the aim is to not only help provide food and share the Gospel where appropriate, but also deal with underlying poverty issues and help households with children become food secure.

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