Nourish is MCM’s food security programme. According to the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance, some 620,000 people are living in poverty and struggling to put food on the table. Over 200,000 children experience poverty in Greater Manchester, where food bank use is considered to be higher that most other areas.

As part of MCM’s wider purpose to proclaim the Gospel in incarnate and compassion-based ways, Nourish exists to combat food poverty in our area.

We do this through local projects, facilitating church-based food distribution initiatives and, the development of “community shops” or food clubs.

The Family FoodFare in Salford is an example of this. Open twice a week at the Windsor Christian Centre, the food club enables local people to put food on the table at affordable prices.

Attendance at the Centre also gives people access to the Narrowgate Support Hub where they can get a welcome cup of tea as well as a listening ear and some practical support and advice.

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