Volunteer re-decorates with money saved by using the food club!

Volunteer loves relaxing in his newly decorated lounge.

With an average saving of £15 to £20 per shop at the Nourish Food Club, one of the customer/volunteers managed to decorate his lounge and kitchen with the savings he made.

Project lead Barry was delighted with the news, as this level of real-life impact aligns exactly with the aim of the food club; to lift people out of poverty and improve the quality of life in underprivileged communities.

The importance of our environment and its connection to our mental well being have been well documented over the years, and the volunteer says he loves relaxing in his newly decorated lounge.

The volunteer has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to volunteer at such an impactful project, and we are blessed to witness such outcomes.

Clock icon 22 Sep, 2023

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