Diary of a Disciple


These fast-moving 90-minute interactive workshops take children through Luke’s Gospel, based around the Diary of a Disciple book by Gemma Willis.

Luke’s Story is a contemporary retelling of Luke’s Gospel, written in a style that offers a way into the Bible for the next generation. The workshop comprises quizzes, puzzles, drama, and craft and at the end of these sessions, the children take home a mini copy of the book, and a hard-backed copy is left for the class. To date, Groundbreakers have taken over 30 workshops and nearly 1000 mini versions of Luke’s Gospel have been taken home by children across Manchester.

Teachers report that children have gone on to buy their own full versions of the book because they have enjoyed it so much. We have also had teachers taking them home to read as well as sitting reading them whilst the workshop is taking place. Children often feedback on how much they have enjoyed the workshops including a Year 6 boy in a very multicultural school in Manchester saying it was the best day of his life!!