Nick Stirling

Nick has been working at Manchester City Mission since 2011. Starting out as the Chaplain for the former Narrowgate Night Shelter, he is now the Project Leader for the Narrowgate Support Hub.

He works with local ministers and support agencies to care for both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our clients. In the former Narrowgate Shelter, Nick was in charge of the welfare of asylum seekers, ex-offenders, and other vulnerable groups, often helping them work through very traumatic experiences.

Coming from a background of drug and alcohol abuse following a family tragedy, Nick identifies with many of the vulnerable people he works with and offers them practical help and support. With over 48 years working in ministry, he has previously worked as a Bible Teacher, Overseas Missionary and Prison Minister at HMP Manchester (Strangeways). In the future, Nick is hoping to start a prison ministry arm for the Hub.


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